Focusing Conference Armenia 2017

Experiencing of Meaning and the Philosophy of the Implicit

The Person-centred Approach and its Applications

June 29th-30th 2017

Reframing Obstacles into Opportunities Transforming Sorrow into Joy

Prof. Eugene T. Gendlin conducted research “On Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning” at the University of Chicago. This followed a collaboration with Carl R. Rogers, one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy research and humanistic psychology. Gendlin’s work shows a practical way in life towards mindfulness and attention.

A search for meaning and sustainability can be traced back to the ancient Greeks: ‘Know thyself’. In order to reach my destiny – to become who I am – I have to be in touch with my divided attention in the here-and-now. In an overall sense our recurring appeal, that, the ‘next time everything will be different’ fail, when still imprisoned by fixed patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.

Being successful and living in harmony as well as in accordance with our values, being relaxed and authentic, seem to contradict. We hold deep beliefs about needing to push ourselves hard, or to be pushy and aggressive towards others. What seem to be the contradictions between authenticity, values, depth and success?


​Haik Petrossian
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