We hope that EFA members will feel inspired to hold their own Day of Listening
on 21 October 2016.
We are planning to hold an event here in Norwich, UK.
Guidelines for the day can be found on the World Day of Listening Facebook Page.

 Norwich Venues for World Day of Listening

Listening will be offered in Norwich, UK,
at the following times and at these venues on Friday, 21 October:

11.0 – 12.30
St Peter Mancroft church
(pictured below, inside the railings or in the porch if wet)

1.30 – 3.00
St Stephen’s church

3.30 – 5.00
Chapelfield Gardens
(near the bandstand)

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Welcome to “A World Day of Listening”

The Facebook group  for the World Day Of Listening
is planning to hold a World Day of Listening on October 21st, 2016
We are open to welcoming any other individuals and groups who would like to join an event whose sole aim is to listen to people about their experience of the current world situation and of themselves living in this world. We are non-partisan and non-promotional. Our only aim is to provide the healing and forward-moving experience that happens when one person listens openly, without agenda, to another, allowing social change to move through each person. This is a gentle model of social subversion and activism. Though many of those involved are therapists and facilitators, it is not primarily a mental health or therapy event. Anyone with listening skills (trainings can be offered in many locations) can participate, activists, counsellors, academics, facilitators, pastoral workers, group workers, youth workers, active listeners, NVC people, mindfulness practitioners, Focusing people, coaches, social change persons….
Guidelines (English and Spanish so far) are uploaded into ‘Files’ just under the group photo on Facebook, or at the end of this page…
Please feel free to join us from around the world …
(Greg Madison)

Welcome to “A World Day of Listening”

Listening is our free gift to you – we are not asking for anything in return
We are ordinary people offering our time and our attention for you.
TALK TO US – how are you feeling about the world? Tell us, how are you experiencing life?
( for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or a little longer…)
​We are peaceful and non-confrontational, listening within an atmosphere of gentleness. A World Day of Listening is happening all over the world today and tomorrow.
We are not selling anything, not trying to get your money or your vote. We are not trying to convince you of anything. We are not offering counselling but we have a list of places where you can find that.

We seek constructive responses to a world in trouble.

A World Day of Listening is the result of many Listeners from around the world, representing many traditions, professions, and walks of life, working together. We do not promote any doctrine, political or religious view, we are not pushing for any outcome, and we are not marketing any product. We have no idea where this event today will go. If it goes well, we hope to make it a recognised annual event. Join the journey – we are here to listen to YOU! Let’s see what happens.What we believe.
We can go days, weeks, years, maybe even a lifetime without ever really being listened to. Then when we experience the connection of listening and being listened to, it feels like a basic human right. We believe the world would be a better place if listening was more highly valued. Our Listening is about receiving whatever you are experiencing, without editing it or changing it, trying to fix it, or arguing and trying to convince you to agree with us. Really being listened to allows you to better understand yourself and often when a feeling in you has been clearly heard, you are then more open to other people’s’ feelings.

How we Listen.
The most basic requirement in Listening is to be present to you, giving you our full attention. We keep silent as long as you need so that you can find what you really want to say. We often say back what you say, repeating your words so you can check we have understood you and that your words still fit what you most want to say. We may ask you a few questions for clarification but remember, you are in charge of the conversation and nothing special has to happen. We honestly try to just Listen to you, hear how life is for you, today.

What we don’t do.
We do not offer advice, take sides, or argue, judge or interpret. At the end we will just ask you: “How has it felt to have this chat with me today?”We are curious about the impact of this event. But of course you don’t have to answer. This is not a research study.

Local contacts for Listening groups or Mental Health support.
Crisis intervention local therapy, low cost, private, public clinics Websites:
Urban Confessionals, Sidewalk Talk, Focusing, NVC

Files/Guides to download
Resources in many languages
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