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Details about the Community System

How to Become a Participant – How to Register

Details about the Community System

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Login / Registration

Registration by email

In case you would like to register as an EFA participant and create a user account on this website, you may use the easy way of sending us an email at

Then, our webmaster Nikos Kypriotakis will send you a reply asking you for the necessary details (preferred Username etc.) so that he can set up your EFA user account and give you a temporary Password.

You may also have filled out at least the first of the following forms: Registration-Form, Focusing-Profile-Form and then send it/them to us.

Self Registration

(when the “Register” link is enabled/displayed, on the upper left-hand side of your screen)

1- Click on the “Register” link. Some sites use “Join Us”, “Sign Up”, or other terminology.

2- Fill in the forms. Some sites allow you to create your own blog. You can fill up the form to create one now, or choose to create a new blog later.

3- Click on the “Complete Sign Up” button.

4- Check Your Email To Activate Your Account! You have successfully created your account. To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.

5- Wait for a minute or so if you don’t see the email to activate your account. If the activation email doesn’t show up in your inbox, check your “Spam” folder just in case it was redirected by your email client.

6- Click on the activation link in the email. This will bring you to the homepage of the site.

7- Fill up the rest of your profile information if you only completed the “required” fields during registration. Or, begin exploring the Sitewide Activity, Groups you can join, or other Members you can befriend, and many more.


Please do login EFA’s website and become member of various Groups (for example the “User” group). Then, from Subscriber you will automatically be given the rolle of Participant, so that your profile can appear in the Participants page.


The Groups Directory is a page where users can find all the created groups on your BuddyPress site.


  • Create a Group button/link – Shown beside the Groups page title to logged in member if the Site/Super Admin has enabled group creation by members.
  • Search Groups search form
  • All Groups – with total number of registered users who have logged in at least once after BuddyPress was activated in the installation.
  • Selectbox – Show: Last Active (default), Most Members, Newly Created, or Alphabetical
  • List of Groups created in the site including time active stamp, group description, number of members and group privacy setting. Only Public and Private Groups are seen in list by regular members. Super/Site Admin sees all groups including Hidden groups.Action buttons – for logged in members only
    • Join Group button – for groups listed as Public, button visible to logged in members only.
    • Request Membership button – for groups listed as Private, button is visible to logged in members only.
    • ( Membership in Hidden groups is by invitation only.)

The following outlines each actionable item on the Groups Directory page:

Private Messaging

Think of private messaging as an internal site’s email for your community’s members.

Members can message other people on their friends list as well as reply to received messages. Each member has their own individual Inbox and Sent messages folders as well as a Compose message screen.

Members are notified of new messages in three ways:

  • By email (if enabled by the user)
  • By an incremented number in the notification circle located in the WP Admin Toolbar; as well as
  • By an incremented number in the Messages tab if the user is on their own profile

Site administrators can also create sitewide notices that are displayed across the site using the Private Messaging component.


BuddyPress’s Extended Profiles component provides you the flexibility to create the types of profile fields that are relevant and important to your community, and allows you to group those fields together into relative sections.

Each member who registers can upload an avatar, edit profile information, and customize personal account settings.

Activity Streams

Activity streams aggregate all of your site’s activities across a BuddyPress installation.

Enabled BuddyPress components make use of the activity stream component, which means any sort of activity can be recorded. Blog posts, new friendships and blog comments are among the most popular activities recorded. Users are also able to filter all of their friends’ activities to check on what they are doing on the site.

Furthermore, custom components can also hook into the Activity Streams component, meaning any sort of data can be tracked and recorded.


Have you ever been frustrated with forum or bulletin board software that was slow, bloated, and always got your server hacked? Not anymore with this forum based on bbPress. bbPress is forum software, made the WordPress way.

  • After you subscribe to the group forum you will be able to share your ideas.
  • Every group has his own forum to discuss with other participants.


Events Manager is a free and feature-filled events plugin for the WordPress platform, providing the ability to publish events, locations and manage bookings among many other features.

Buddy Drive

BuddyDrive allow the members of a community to share files or folders. Depending on the BuddyPress settings, the access to the BuddyDrive user’s content can be restricted to:

  • the owner of the item only (private),
  • people that know the password the owner set for his item (protected),
  • the friends of the owner of the file (Restricted to friends),
  • the members of the group the content is attached to (Restricted to groups),
  • specific members the owner selects (Restricted to members),
  • or everybody (public) !

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