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NEWSLETTER Issue 15: July 2019


  • Editorial
  • EFA Gathering—Aegina, Greece—May 2019 by Patricia Foster
  • A Non-Official Report from The International Focusing Institute: The Gendlin Centre and the Felt Sense Conference by Ruth Hirsch
  • The Felt Sense in a Challenging World by Peter Afford
  • Focusing as a Force for Peace: The Revolutionary Pause by Mary Hendricks
  • Is it Possible to Focus with the Enormity of Climate Change? by Fiona Parr
  • Book Review: ‘Love and Imperfection: A Therapist’s Story’ by Harriet Brown
  • Poems: The Magic and Power of Loving Relationship by Gordon Adam
  • Our Bodies Feel the Bigger Picture by Peter Gill
  • News from the Sofa by Helen Bower
  • Workshops, Events, & Groups Listing
  • Focusing Resources & Information

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