Focusing Tip No. 119

Living with uncertainty.

Living with uncertainty and not knowing in your life can be destabilising, leading to anxiety.

I have had times in my life when I didn’t know where I was going to live, or how I was going to earn a living.
It felt scary, feeling the ground shifting under my feet. And right now we are living in uncertain times, not knowing how Covid is going to impact our lives with its restrictions and risk.
Even bigger than this is the growing threat of major climate change on our planet.

What can we do about it, and how can Focusing help?
From my experience, Focusing helps in two main ways.

The first is by developing a sense of grounded Presence.
The second is by being with what is.

Focusing is a pathway to both of these.
It requires your grounded, aware listening capacity for it to be effective.

You can start by becoming aware of your physical body in the present moment.
Notice your breathing and the support of what you are sitting on, and the ground underneath.
This brings a sense of settling and stability in your body.
If it doesn’t, then notice your hands and what they are resting on.
You might want to hold something solid or comforting. Or a favourite soothing smell.
Something to anchor you into the present moment through your senses.

When you feel settled and present to yourself and your surroundings, you can turn your attention to the feelings of uncertainty.
Bring an attitude of friendliness and interested curiosity to your feelings.
You are not trying to change them or get rid of them.
You are simply being with what is.
My trainee Lucy says even 10 – 15 minutes gives a reprieve.

The impact is greater than the moment.
You can feel this positive impact after a Focusing session.
As you deal with the challenges of uncertainty and not knowing.

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