Dear Fellow Coordinators:  (Queridos Amigos Coordinadores):

On behalf of our organizing committee, I am delighted to announce that something that began like a spontaneous participation is now taking form.

We are glad to announce the 28th International Focusing Conference in Merida, Yucatan México,  March 6-10- 2019

We are really excited to host this event.

We picked an amazing place in Mexico: Merida (called the white land) that besides being iconic and historical, it is a friendly place, the food is amazing and the warm weather will be perfect for the winter. Our ancestors, the Mayan culture, makes this land a spiritual one.

One of our dreams is to build a bigger Focusing community in Mexico and this event can open the door to that, while bringing joy to all of our international community.

We want to support acceptance in our diverse world by making, including and opening this event to anyone that wants to be part of it in a humanly way.

And maybe the theme can be going back to basics: “Just human”.

We are developing or web page, will keep in touch to let you know more about it.

Looking forward to carrying life together.


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