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Focusing Profil (Part A)

Focusing Profil (Part A)

Focusing Professional

Focusing Profil (Part B)

How (if at all) do you use Focusing in your professional life?

I use Focusing as the ground base for TAE (Thinking At the Edge) (and NVC) in my school.

Which (if any) Focusing organizations do you belong to?

Hellenic Focusing Center

What are your general areas of interest and expertise?

TAE (Thinking At the Edge), Focusing with Children, NVC

Focusing Profil (Part C)

Focusing Profil (Part C)

Counselling, Children, Teaching, TAE (Thinking At the Edge), Pain

Focusing Profil (Part D)

Focusing Profil (Part D)

Steering group, Administration, Annual Meeting, Internet and Social Media

Focusing Profil (Part E)

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I am a physics teacher in a public school (Greece, Markopoulo, 1st Junior High School), the general secretary of the Hellenic Association for Person Centred and Experiential Approach (H.A.P.C.E.A) ( and the editor in chief of the magazine Εποχή / Epoché (psychotherapy, phenomenology, hermeneutics) (

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